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The Complete Guide to Temporary Housing For Insurance Claims

Home, for such a simple, mundane, four-letter word, but it means the world to us. Home is a safe place, a refuge from the world, a gathering place for family and friends, the exchanging of ideas, a place where values are taught, lessons are learned, and foundations are built. We know that when your home is destroyed or damaged it affects every aspect of your life and your family. At Catale when disaster strikes: we are here to house.

Catale is a temporary housing provider, offering comprehensive lodging solutions tailored toward insurance housing services. Our team provides comfortable and cost-effective temporary housing with like, kind, and quality options for each claim request. We work alongside insurance carriers and adjusters to build specific lodging solutions for you. We help policyholders find a home when it matters most for you and your family.


Does insurance pay for temporary housing?

Most homeowner insurance policies include coverage for temporary housing solutions following a claim. This coverage amount is based on the valuation of your current home, which can cover a variety of living expenses. Most policyholders are unaware this coverage is available to them. This clause is referred to as Additional Living Expenses or ALE. It covers you/your family’s everyday living expenses while you are rebuilding from significant damage or loss of your home. This coverage isn’t exclusive to natural disasters. Anything covered under your homeowner policy that requires displacement from your home can warrant use of your ALE funds. We offer insurance housing solutions and guide you through the process as you rebuild.

What does homeowners' insurance cover and not cover?

Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage to repair or replace your home and belongings in the event of a fire, storm, or other perils. A power outage due to lightning strike or other weather events is likely covered, while a basic outage is not. Depending on your policy emergency evacuations from your home may be covered by your policy. Additional living expenses (ALE) are typically covered as well, to manage the costs of temporary or long-term displacement from your home. ALE can include temporary housing, furnishings, moving, pet boarding, food, and other living expenses.

These are just a few examples of additional living expenses. Temporary housing can include hotels, apartments, single-family residences, and even travel trailers. ALE may cover reimbursement for a short stay with family or friends until you find appropriate living arrangements. Some insurers will be reluctant to provide funds when staying with family members or friends, which can result in policyholders missing out on funds. Consult with your adjuster and obtain an invoice form from your family/friend with a daily/weekly rate is recommended.

Does renters' insurance cover temporary housing?

Renter's insurance provides inexpensive protection for belongings or contents within the residence, most times for items not covered within a landlord’s policy. Typically, renter’s insurance covers personal belongings, personal liability (accidental injuries or damage to someone else’s possessions), and additional living expenses (“ALE”). ALE includes temporary housing, food, and other living expenses if temporary relocation from the rental property is required. Lodging can include a hotel with a kitchen or a short-term housing solution. This varies from policy to policy, and we encourage you to reach out to your agent to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your rental.

What Type of Temp Housing Does my Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for additional living expenses (ALE) to include hotels, apartments, houses, and even travel trailers, if you must be displaced from your home while it is being repaired. The specific housing solution for each insured depends on several factors: your home’s current value, the ALE coverage in your policy, family dynamics, and your accommodation/location needs. The accommodation type is approved by your adjuster depending on the extent of damage and the timeline of repairs.

Most commonly following a natural disaster homeowner’s insurance hotel coverage is where policyholders are placed until long-term solutions can be found. Catale helps facilitate your temporary housing solution to minimize further disruption to your daily lives. We source inventory from our hotel and housing partners to customize your solution and quickly get you into your home away from home. We walk hand-in-hand with policyholders, adjusters, and our housing partners to ensure smooth transitions throughout the claim process.

How long will my Insurance Cover Temp Housing?

Claim timelines vary and can run from 2 weeks to 2 years. Timelines are challenging to predict and balance with ever-changing factors of supply chain shortages, contractor delays, and claims processing hindrances. We personalize your temporary accommodation to ensure your comfort and to provide cost-effective housing options that fit your ALE coverage.

For example, if your ALE limit is $50,000 and repairs are estimated at 8 months, we will provide options at about $5,000 per month. We know that most claims extend on average by about 2 months due to the factors listed above and we want to protect your housing need for the duration of your claim. We work with your adjuster and your contractor(s) to ensure everything stays on track to fulfill your housing needs within your ALE limits.

How Does the Temporary Housing Process Work With Insurance Companies

Step 1: Request Submission:

Typically, the adjuster contacts Catale requesting assistance for their policyholder. Our U.S.-based operators are available 24.7.365 via phone or email to provide immediate, personal service.

Step 2: Policyholder Contact:

Catale contacts the policyholder to gather some basic information to help us begin the process. We typically focus on extended stay hotels with kitchens for the first 5-7 nights while we all gain understanding of the home repair requirements.

Step 3: Hotel/Housing Options Presented:

Hotel options are presented to the adjuster for approval and provided to the policyholder for selection.

Step 4: Move in and Extensions:

When a selection is made, instructions are provided, and check-in can occur the following day. Payments are pre-arranged, and the hotel is ready to greet the policyholder upon arrival. Catale communicates frequently with the adjuster and the policyholder. Extension requests are approved by the adjuster and are managed to ensure no disruptions to the policyholder’s stay. If long-term housing is needed, we quickly initiate a search and provide options for approval. We help facilitate the transition by negotiating leasing terms, managing payments, setting up furniture/houseware rentals, and coordinating setups and transitions.

Step 5: Billing and Move Out:

Catale provides real-time, transparent, consolidated billing to ensure effective claim management, always mindful of the ALE limits. Catale is in constant communication with the adjuster and policyholder for the life of the claim, including a seamless move out and getting the policyholder back home.

You can also remind them of other resources you have on your website as well as paid services or events that you offer. Don’t be shy. They may have more questions after reading (or in the future). Invite them to leave comments below the post so they stay engaged.

Temporary Housing Companies

Temporary Housing companies help policyholders, adjusters, and traveling crews navigate the difficult process of finding housing following a day-to-day claim or a natural disaster. Following natural disasters, it can be very difficult to find a hotel or housing. We have partnerships established with national brands that give us access to inventory not available to the public.

Many other insurance housing companies care about volume and solely on placing people like commodities, rather than serving. At Catale, we believe in leading with service. We go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met.

You can find Catale by searching for us online at or call us at1-866-858-9006 or email us at When you call, we will answer no matter the time of day.

The Williams' Family Got back into their home faster through working with Catale

The Williams’ family home was damaged in a tornado that ravaged Southeastern Louisiana. The home required repairs that were estimated to take 6 months. They were a family of four with a dog named Heidi. Their temporary home was found, lease signed, and the family and Heidi all settled in for what was expected to be a 6-month stay. As they were counting down the remaining few days left on repairs to their beloved family home, disaster struck. Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 storm at landfall, struck the area, and the Williams’ family home became a total loss. Emotions were overwhelming at this point; the family was struggling to know which steps to take next.

Catale recognized the struggle and immediately came up with an action plan. Our team arranged for regularly scheduled conference calls between the contractor, policyholder, and a Catale representative to make sure everyone was on the same timeline. Catale was able to relay updates to the adjuster, make the appropriate housing changes and extensions based on information gathered during the calls, without ever adding more stress to the family’s already full plate. Catale continued to facilitate this communication until the “new” beloved family home was rebuilt and ready for move-in.

The Williams and Heidi became members of our extended Catale family, and they could not have been more appreciative that Catale was there as a voice and organizer when their world seemed to be caving in on them.

CATALE is a Temp Housing Management Company, providing comprehensive lodging solutions tailored toward Insurance Housing Services.

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