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Temporary Housing For Adjusters

As an adjuster traveling towards CAT affected areas across the US: Catale has affordable housing solutions available for you. Access our extensive network of hotels and accommodations providers. Let us find you a safe, clean place to recharge when you are serving policyholders. 

Emergency Hotel Placement

Long-Term Rentals

Mobile Housing

National Network of Hotels

Local Landlords

Mobile Solutions

For Adjusters

  • Let Catale take housing off your plate. We offer cost friendly accommodations that will ensure you have clean, safe places to rest when on the road.

  • We are here 24/7/365 to ensure that no matter the time we are always here to serve.

  • Gone are the nights of sleeping in tents or in your car. Recharge with Catale when you are serving your policyholders.

Smiling Father, Mother and Son Pet and Play with Smooth Fox Terrier Retriever Dog. Sun Shi

We Can House Displaced Policyholders Too

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