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Temporary Housing & ALE Hurricane Guide 

When a hurricane strikes it can decimate communities leaving behind a wake of destruction damaging homes and lives. After a hurricane it's hard to determine the next step. We serve policyholders, adjuster, and traveling crews. At Catale, we are here, ready to house, to help take those first steps forward.

24/7 - US Based Operations Team

Rooted in Local Communities across the US

Empathy Trained Team

Here to Help Walk you through the Temporary Housing Process

Prepared Before the Storm Hits

Creative Housing Options to Assist in Every Scenario

Forward After the Storm

  • When a hurricane is forecasted, our operations team begins planning, contacting hotels and landlords, and developing zone mapping strategy

  • Within 30 minutes of contact, policyholders and adjusters can be placed with one of our national hotel partners following a hurricane

  • In the days and weeks following the hurricane we work to find temporary housing, catering to your family's exact living needs 

  • We work closely with insurance companies and adjusters, using a policyholders Additional Living Expenses (ALE) to cover your housing and displacement costs while you rebuild your home

Hotel room .jpg

30 Minute Emergency Hotel Placement 

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