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Farm And Ranch Housing

When harvest or calving season arrives, having additional hands on the farm or ranch is crucial. This raises the question: where can they stay? Catale can provide various temporary housing solutions to ensure your crew is well-rested and prepared to work a full day.

Large Block Hotel Placement

Long-Term Rentals

Mobile Housing

National Network of Hotels

Local Landlords

Mobile Solutions

Home on the Range

  • Housing seasonal work crews can be a challenging endeavor for modern farms and ranches. At Catale, we offer several solutions to ensure operations run at 100%.

  • We offer mobile housing solutions that can house your crew right on your farm or ranch.

  • We handle everything from the delivery, training, maintenance, to pick up of the mobile solution.

  • We also offer discounted rates for large hotel blocks at numerous national brands.

  • When you need to house a growing crew, think Catale.

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