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Make Housing a Slam Dunk

At Catale, we specialize in athletic and club team travel at any level. When your sports team hits the road, they should only worry about shooting 3-pointers and hitting grand slams, not about housing accommodations. Whether you are a traveling baseball team or an NBA team, we've got you covered

Large Block Hotel Placement

National Network of Hotels

Home Rentals 

Local Landlords

Consolidated Billing

No Hidden Fees

Here to House your Team 

  • We have a portfolio network of hotels that range from budget friendly options to luxury resorts. 

  • Our team assists in making sure your check in process and stay is seamless.

  • We book various meeting and team conference spaces, along with meal arrangements to ensure your team is fueled up with a game plan.

  • At checkout, we ensure easy and consolidated billing with no hidden fees or charges, so that managing your team on-the-go is a seamless experience.

Baseball Players
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