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Film and Entertainment Lodging 

Lights, Camera, Housing - not something typically associated with making a movie or setting up a concert or performance. At Catale, we have a range of customized housing options to fit every member of your cast and crew, whether you're looking for a place in LA or rural New Mexico. Count on our team to help you find the perfect housing solutions for your needs. Remember, when it comes to housing, think Catale.

Large Block Hotel Placement

Long-Term Rentals

Mobile Housing

National Network of Hotels

Local Landlords

Mobile Solutions

Lights, Camera, Housing

  • We have a nationwide network of hotels that can provide budget friendly room blocks for your crew in all 50 states. 

  • To elevate the experience of relocating your crew, we manage your stay and ensure an efficient and timely reservation process.

  • To ensure your team can operate at 100%, we can assist with facilitating the parking of your large work trucks and trailers.

  • If your work takes your team to a remote area, we can provide on-site housing right at the job site. Our fleet of travel trailers is a great solution for crews who need to remain close to the job.

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