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Built For the Crew on the Move

If you are a restoration crew deploying to help rebuild a community or a construction crew traveling to projects, let Catale handle your housing. We know what it's like to travel as a crew. We make it painless. Let Catale take housing off your plate.

Emergency Hotel Placement

Long-Term Rentals

Mobile Housing

National Network of Hotels

Local Landlords

Mobile Solutions

For Traveling Crews

  • We know what it means to have a crew on the move. When it comes to housing let Catale get creative for your team.

  • We offer discounted rates and room availability in CAT affected areas.

  • We can help develop a deployment profile for your team to learn your hotel preferences and work style.

  • We offer dedicated account management.

  • Take the stress out of finding housing and go with Catale.

Caucasian Contractor Field Work Job. Worker and His Pickup Truck. Countryside Remote Locat

We Love to Get Our Boots Dirty

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