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Gearing Up for Hurricane Season: Helping Policyholders, Adjusters & Crews with Temporary Housing

As hurricane season looms and the potential for a catastrophic event increases, insurance adjusters, CAT managers, and travel managers must heed precautions to ensure that the aftermath does not become disastrous for policyholders. Catale's experts are knowledgeable about the nuances and challenges that ensue in the wake of a hurricane. Moreover, Catale can provide housing solutions in all 50 states, and we are available to help our clients 24/7/365. Catale is ready to provide suitable housing for policyholders, adjuster, or restoration crews. Here is a list of things that adjusters and CAT teams can do to best serve their policyholders/clients during a CAT and discuss how Catale Temporary Housing can help.

Communicate early and often:

Once a hurricane hits, there could be limited communication in affected areas, so it is important to make contact as soon as possible if policies are in that area. Timely communication will help ensure that policyholders are aware of their insurance coverage, the potential timeframe to receive aid, and how temporary housing can assist them.

Assess policyholders’ needs:

After appropriate contact has been made, assess policyholders’ needs. Do they need short-term or long-term housing? Are they able to relocate within their area or do they need to move elsewhere? Knowing these needs will help adjusters provide policyholders with adequate resources, which is where Catale's expertise comes in.

Provide ample choices:

Catale provides a variety of temporary housing solutions for clients nationwide, which allows us to house all types of individuals, including those with disabilities and pets. The abundance of choices ensures that individuals’ unique needs are met, and adjusters can provide policyholders with multiple options based on their preferences.

Expedite the claims process:

A critical piece of the claims process is ensuring that policyholders receive the aid they need expediently. If policyholders are displaced from their homes, this means aiding them in receiving financial help so that they can make decisions with confidence, knowing that their basic needs are being met. Catale's access to remarkable resources can help expedite the process, ensuring that policyholders get the assistance they require quickly.

Make sure contractors and crews are taken care of:

Restoration workers play a crucial role in helping prepare and repair damaged areas. Their job requires a lot of time and effort. It is important to make sure that these critical individuals are taken care of while they assist in rebuilding the area. Catale can help provide accommodations for these individuals, which will lead to a positive and streamlined experience.

Gearing up for a hurricane season involves timely communication with policyholders, assessing their needs, providing ample housing choices, expediting the claims process, and taking care of restoration workers. Catale is a ready partner for this process, serving policyholders and construction workers in all 50 states. Furthermore, Catale's 24/7/365 availability ensures that our clients can receive help anytime, anywhere. With Catale's expertise and dedication in temporary housing, your clients can have peace of mind during what can be a chaotic time.

So why would you choose Catale? We are confident that your experience will be incomparable. As a US-based organization, we are dedicated to providing unbeatable services in terms of housing, hotels and travel trailers. Our goal is to make sure that no matter the situation or time of day – we can provide it. For more information about all the excellent options available at Catale, visit our website at or give us a call today to get in touch with our team! Rest assured that when you choose our company for your accommodation needs, quality assurance and satisfaction come as part of the package. Let Catale help take housing off your plate this hurricane season.

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