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Catale provides Shelter and Support to the Henderson Family after a CAT Event

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Read the story about how Catale Temporary Housing helped a family rebuild their life and home.

The Henderson family’s world shook to its core when the hurricane tore through their quaint, coastal town. The once peaceful ocean tides had become raging monsters, swallowing up their home in its unforgiving grasp. The violent winds howled angrily as they ripped away memories from the life they knew, leaving the family in shock and despair. When it seemed that all hope was lost and the storm just wouldn't give up, Catale Temporary Housing threw them a lifeline. As the Hendersons looked around, the destruction surrounding them left them feeling vulnerable and defeated. However, Catale's compassionate and efficient team provided a glimmer of hope in their darkest hour.

Home destroy on the coast

The Henderson’s call to Catale was unexpected yet timely—late at night on a weekend, when most companies would be closed, a live team member answered the call. The empathetic Catale team, understanding the pain and urgency in their voices, reassured them that they would be taken care of, setting the family up in a nearby hotel that very night. As they stepped into the hotel room, the Hendersons could breathe a sigh of relief. A soft, fresh bed and welcoming environment provided refuge from the storm outside. Catale's compassion extended to arranging for the family’s pets to be boarded safely during their stay. As the Henderson family navigated the emotional upheaval, Catale's team maintained a lifeline, bridging the gap between the family and the insurance adjuster. Through constant updates and open communication channels, Catale's team fostered a sense of trust and stability. They managed the family's needs and the adjuster's requirements with professionalism, seeking a resolution to the challenges that lay ahead. When it was time to move the Hendersons into a more permanent temporary residence, Catale found them an ideal rental home. The cozy rental property’s layout was filled with a warm, welcoming ambience that helped the family feel at home in unfamiliar territory. Catale helped the Hendersons by assisting with furniture rental, transforming their temporary housing into a comfortable haven during their period of upheaval. From linens to kitchen appliances, Catale spared no detail in ensuring their new surroundings felt like home.

As the rebuilding process began on their damaged home, Catale maintained constant communication with both the Hendersons and their adjuster. They carefully managed timelines, ensuring that the family knew exactly what to expect during each stage of the process. When unexpected hiccups occurred, Catale swiftly helped the family navigate the situation, reassuring them that they were there to support them every step of the way. The day finally arrived when the Henderson’s could return to their newly rebuilt home. Emotions ran high as they thanked the Catale team members who stood firmly by their side during the arduous journey of rebuilding their home and their lives.

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