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Making Housing: More Than A Commodity

Temporary Housing Services & Lodging Services

Helping Find Your Temporary Home

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We’re Changing the Housing Game

At Catale, we believe in people serving people. We lead with service. When a catastrophe strikes, Catale is ready to serve displaced insureds, adjusters, and traveling crews. Catale helps you find home when it matters most. 

Clean Neighborhood

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Emergency Hotel Placement

Catale partners with numerous national and international hotels to be prepared immediately following a CAT event. We provide lodging solutions emergency service for policyholders, adjusters, and traveling crews. With industry-leading access, we can place our clients in an hour or less. Our team prides itself on offering a wide selection of clean, safe, and cost-effective hotels.

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Long-Term Rentals Placement

None of us want to think about “living” in a hotel for an extended period of time. Catale has built extensive landlord networks across the US, vetted and screened through our Catale Preferred Landlord Network, to ensure safe, viable accommodations for our clients. When it comes to furnishings, housewares, and even your pets, we’ve got you covered. Let Catale take housing worries off your plate.

CAT Response

House Fires, Wildfires, Floods, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes! We have seen it all. We attack the problem with a boots on the ground knowledge, driven by our US based operations team. Catale is unique compared to most temporary housing placement companies that we serve a wide customer base including crews and adjusters. 

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The Catale Difference 

Not Just Another Portal 

We wanted to do things differently than our competitors. Catale has crafted our services on the needs of our clients, not the other way around. We immersed ourselves in the market, listened to our insurance partners, and built Catale to work for, and represent, you and your needs.

We serve you!

If there is a need, Catale is here. No client too big or too small. We lead with service and will not fail you.


Displaced Insured 

When the unplanned occurs, Catale is here to assist with your housing needs. We can locate a hotel, short term rental, or even a travel trailer. We manage the rent, furnishings, housewares, and your pet accommodations.

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